PRODUCTS FROM HIMALAYA

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Production and Collection  Methods

The raw material (either collected from community- managed forests or harvested from the company's private farm) is first tested for its quality (essential oil content, foreign matter, moisture content, etc.). Usually, some form of pre-treatment (e.g., drying in the sun/shade, if necessary, disintegration, etc.) or post-harvest treatment (e.g., wilting in the shade for several hours, in the case of cultivated herbs) is carried out prior to distillation.

Processing Methods

The material is subjected to steam distillation procedure in a stainless steel distillation unit for a specific period of time whereby the distillate consisting of a mixture of the essential oil and condensed water is collected.

The essential oil is separated from the condensed water and purified further to remove trace amounts of moisture/other impurities, if any.

Finally, the essential oil is analyzed for its quality (the organoleptic properties and the physico-chemical properties are tested). Upon passing Quality Control tests, the final product is packed into clean, dry aluminum containers or epoxy-coated metallic barrels, depending upon the size of the consignment.

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